dorje.gif (1060 bytes) Dzogchen
The Great Perfection

'No-one going no-where'

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What is Dzogchen?

The Garuda

Dzogchen Vision and Meditation

Radical Dzogchen of the Vajra Heart

Maya Yoga
The Eight Analogies of Dzogchen

Eye of the Storm
Original Perfection
The earliest Tibetan Dzogchen Texts

Old Man Basking in the Sun
Natural Perfection
The Dzogchen Samaya Commitments

Flight of the Garuda

Indicating the nature of mind

The Dakini's Dzogchen Instruction
Yeshe Tsogyel's Basic Dzogchen Commentary

Richo: Instruction in Mountain Retreat
The first part of Dudjom Rimpoche's classic jewel of Dzogchen oral instructiom

Dudjom Rinpoche's Vision
The nature of Dzogchen Vision

Padma Lingpa's Dzogchen Song
On Vision, Meditation and Action

Calm and Clear
Mipham's Basic Meditation Instruction as Dzogchen Preliminaries

The Cuckoo's Song of Total Presence
An introduction to the nature of mind

The Three Incisive Precepts 
of Garab Dorje
Patrul Rinpoche's Exposition

Garab Dorje's pith instruction in Dzogchen 

Patrul Rimpoche's "Advice From Me To Myself"

Direct Perception of Vajrasattva
The text that gave King Dza his enlightenment vision

The Exalted Spaciousness of Vajrasattva
Garab Dorje's Source of all Dzogchen Precepts

"Heart Jewel of the Fortunate" 
Dudjom Rimpoche's Personal Advice 
on Dzogchen Praxis

On Dzogchen Meditation
Dilgo Khyentse Rimpoche 

Mila's Song to Dharmabodhi
A Dzogchen Song

Little Gidding
A dzogchen song