golden dorje

The Three Incisive Precepts

- Garab Dorje -

golden dorje

The Three Incisive Precepts of Garab Dorje

A direct introduction into the nature of mind
is the first imperative.

Absolute conviction in the practice
is the second imperative.

Implicit confidence in release
is the third imperative.

These three incisive precepts were the essential last testament of Garab Dorje, the tulku of Vajrapani, Master of the Mysteries, to his disciple Manjushrimitra. They describe the essence of Dzogchen.

The first version of this translation of the Three Incisive Precepts was done in 1981 and published in the Diamond Sow series in Kathmandu.  Various revisions since then have incorporated minor changes. My rendering of rig pa herein, for example, is "total presence". Keith Dowman, translator

Sarva Mangalam!
May all beings be happy!