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2020 Events
with Keith Dowman

Dzogchen Seminars and Retreats 2020

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updated March 3, 2020
New Events for 2020!
Keith has scheduled several public events for 2020.

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Panuco, Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico

SAMAYA: The Mind of Dzogchen

February 7 ,8, 9
Friday evening to Sunday lunch

Panuco, Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Keith Dowman teaches the core of Tibetan Buddhism—Dzogchen

Dzogchen entails a recognition of the reality of the here and now and when we know it, what we’ve got is SAMAYA. We need to be able to know this SAMAYA so that we are sustained by it and are able to use it in its application in fulfilment of the bodhisattva vow. Dzogchen nonmeditation and perfect view are implied.

LOCATION: Panuco, Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Magnolia: tel# 833 105 61 24 or 833 217 36 34

Werika, Tepozotlan, Mexico

Dzogchen Here And Now.

March 20th - March 22nd

Werika, Tepozotlan, Mexico

If the Here-And-Now sounds like New Age Dzogchen that’s because the New Age has so rightly appropriated that imperative. In traditional Dzogchen talk “Here-And-Now” translates as “The Immediate Path”, the one under our feet at this very moment. We don‘t disparage the graduated path, but the Immediate or Instantaneous Path takes precedent and that is the heart of Dzogchen. The view is accompanied by appropriate door-opening methods.

Susana Basanez 2299282255

Mendocino, California, USA

Dzogchen Nitty Gritty:
View, Meditation and SAMAYA

May 15, 16, 17
Fri evening thru Sunday Lunch

Mendocino, California

We focus on the core of Dzogchen with the view, then relax into nonmeditation and lock it into place with the SAMAYA. This radical approach belongs to the immediate approach of Dzogchen that assumes experience of it and leaves no gap between the aspiration and the consummation. We use the text of Longchenpa and the instruction of Patrul.

LOCATION: Hill House, Mendocino

Barbara Barkovich,, (707) 937-6203

Clatskanie, Oregon USA

Dzogchen: The Twenty-One Semdzins

Residential Retreat

June 3rd to 7th Wednesday eve to Sunday midday

Great Vow Monastery
Clatskanie, Oregon

The Twenty-One Semdzins are methods of bonding the mind with its unbounded nature. Dzogchen shows us the open, luminous, compassionate and joyous nature of our being, which transcends all the definitions of our mind and is one with the very essence of reality. The practice of that recognition is non-meditation, to relax effortlessly into the essence of our being. The Twenty-One Semdzins are twenty-one methods to hush the ordinary mind and disclose our original luminous spaciousness.

Jogen Salzberg on 503-728-0654

Boston, MA USA

The Dzogchen Option on the Immediate Path

June 20 and 21
10-5 each day

The Boston Center for Contemplative Practice
796 Beacon Street,
Newton MA 02459

Dzogchen, at the heart of Buddhism, frees us from religious and cultural attachments, where simply being in the cockpit of our liberated minds is the message. Radical Dzogchen view and meditation for those dedicated to the nature of mind.

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Boston Center for Contemplative Practice, Keith Dowman Event

Veciana, Barcelona, Spain

The Radical Dzogchen BUSUKU

August 31th to September 16th

Veciana, Barcelona, Spain

This event is seminal in our calendar and provides the ideal basis for Dzogchen experience in view and nonmeditation. This year we include a selection of supportive Semdzins subsidiary to the main practice. Everybody committed to Dzogchen and with some theory and practise of Dzogchen is welcome to this disciplined demanding retreat in nonmeditation.

The BUSUKU retreat is the final Dzogchen retreat. The Trekcho and Togal instruction provides the basis for intensive two weeks of five sessions of simply sitting throughout the 24 hours of the day.

You need previous Dzogchen practice for this optimal Dzogchen opportunity.

In the BuSuKu, silence and detachment from life outside is imperative. But there is no imposed discipline - Dzogchen is connection with the ground of being and its spontaneity. Nonaction and nonmeditation are the keywords and simplicity itself is the mode of being. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

This is the time and place to bathe in the reality that you have always known to be imminent. Technically speaking, we practice the 'breaking through' (trekcho) and 'leapover' (togal) phases of Dzogchen in series and then together.

Dzogchen is the apex of Buddhism; Atiyoga is the supreme mode of Dzogchen; Trekcho/Togel is unitary atiyoga; Sky-gazing is the way of nonmeditation. If you can simply sit and watch, Dzogchen sky-gazing will bring ultimate or relative siddhi.

Anyone with previous attendance of a BuSuKu retreat is especially welcome and I urge you very personally to extend and deepen that experience. Anyone who has done an outer rushen retreat is also welcome and anyone who has not but who feels they can handle the BuSuKu schedule please feel welcome.

'BuSuKu' is the indolence in which visionary experience arises in the common light of day and creative, compassionate, responsiveness is the ground of both ordinary and extreme situations: Dzogchen trekcho and togal in one schedule.

This is little buddha sitting under the bodhi tree, rather than a way of worshipping the big buddha in the sky.

LOCATION: Veciana, Barcelona, Spain

Antonio Gomez at

Sarva Mangalam!
May all beings be happy!