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2022 Tiger Water Year Events
Radical Dzogchen
with Keith Dowman

Dzogchen Seminars and Retreats 2022

golden dorje

updated August 18, 2022
New Events for 2022!
Keith has scheduled new events! and more events will be posted soon! please check back.

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The Root of the Mind: A clear appraisal of the Dzogchen View and the Meditation associated with it.

October 7 evening, Oct 8 all day, Oct 9 morning

Place: Mendocino, Hill House Inn, 10701 Palette Drive, CA

Suggested donation $175, Zoom available. Scholarships available.

For out-of-town visitors, 10 rooms have been reserved at Hill House. 707 937-0554. $129/night.

Contact: Barbara Barkovich. 707 937-6203


Livestream via Zoom

Decoding the Deities
The Uses of Mahayoga in Dzogchen

Weekend Retreat
A Busuku Extension for All

April 2, 3 2022

via Zoom

Mexico and USA Central Time Saturday and Sunday 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Group session with Keith
Europe (Central Time) 6:00pm to 8:00 pm Group session with Keith
and a regimen of two-hour sessions of simply sitting, according to your need.

For the weekend retreat we maintain the BuSuKu discipline as we are able. The full four sitting sessions are optional, but 'sit as you like' is the crux.

Suggested Donation Gift of $70US, $1200 pesos, or 65 Euro.

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Other Contacts: Robert Curtis -



May 13th to May 22

Spain - Canto de Armonicos, Diafanum (to the west of Madrid)

The first Radical Dzogchen Rushen in years.

All tents filled.

Contacts: Eustaquio Garcia -


Busuku Intensive Retreat

May 30th to June 10

Spain - Catalonia, Veciana

The first live (Covid Permitting) BuSuKu event in three years.

Contacts: Antonio and Mayka -

Greece, Athens

Dzogchen Unchained

Essential Dzogchen: Trekcho and Togal Forum

June 18 & 19, 11am - 2pm

Athens Greece

The Semdzins: The twenty-one skillful means of meditation to  reveal the nature of mind

Karma Kunkhyab Ling, Athens, City Center Aristidou 10-12, 7th floor, City Center (close to Panepistimiou Metro Station)

June 25 & 26 11am - 2pm

Athens Greece

Moving on Trekcho and Togal: Meditation in The Great Perfection

Shaolin Temple of Athens, Agioi Anargyroi (NW Athens)

for more info go to

Contact for both weekends
Kostas Michalopoulos
or +30 6945 672944

Contacts: Kostas Michalopoulos -

Hungary, Budapest

Dzogchen in the Here and Now

A commentary on the Essence of Dzogchen

July 8 - 10 evenings

Budapest, Hungary

Sambhala Tibet Centre
H-Budapest 1012 Attila út 123. 11 ring.
July 8, 9, 10 evenings

Tibor Hendrey 0036 70 431 9343

Hungary, Bakonye-Raktanya Forest

Rushen in the Hungarian Forest

July 17-28

Bakonye-Raktanya Forest, Hungary

International Event. Everyone inured to the Dzogchen reality is welcome.

[For prepping, meet Saturday 16th July at 17.00 at the Sambhala Tibet Centre H-Budapest 1012 Attila út 123. 11 ring.]

Tibor Hendrey 0036 70 431 9343


Ruhe in zeiten des chaos: Nonduality

August, Sam. August 6. Auf der Insel Rheinau Ch Anmeldungen Graciela 079 47967 88


Auf der Insel Rheinau Ch Anmeldungen Graciela 079 47967 88

Contact: Graciela Martinez -

Sarva Mangalam!
May all beings be happy!