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Nyingma Icons

- Au Leshe's Line Drawings of Dudjom Rimpoche's Lineages -

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Introduction to the Nyingma Icons

Au Leshe's Line Drawings of Dudjom Rimpoche's Lineages

This page presents a selection of images from the Nyingma pantheon of Lamas, Buddha Deities, Dakinis and Protectors and this accompanying introduction provides some essential context. Each of the full size images is shown with a translation of the verses of homage. Downloading and reproduction of the images is welcomed if not for profit but please acknowledge the copyright. The Nyingma Icons was first published in Kailash, Kathmandu in 1974.

Keith Dowman has just recently produced and and published a new and updated Presentation of The Nyingma Icons. For this presentation edition, Au Leshe’s line-drawings have been digitally re-processed providing higher resolution, and the greater space on the page sets off this ancient art form. The prose has been cosmetically edited. For these reasons this edition qualifies as a unique Presentation Edition. Any noncommercial reproduction of individual icons is welcome.


The sacred art of Tibet is best known through painted scrolls, or tankas. These tankas describe a full Buddhist vision arisen in meditation. The ninety-four line-drawings that comprise the Nyingma Icons delineate the graphic basis of tankas, incorporating the principal images of the Nyingma pantheon.

    The Nyingma school is the oldest of the schools of Tibetan Buddhism, founded by Tibet's Great Guru, Padma Sambhava, in the eighth century. The Tibetan Buddhist pantheon is immense, the Nyingma school familiar with only a fraction of it, while the Nyingma Icons includes only the pre-eminent images in an ancient and vast tradition. However, insofar as all the Tibetan schools recognise their own origins in the Nyingmapa, the figures in this book are known to all Tibetan Buddhists, and as archetypal realities residing in human awareness they should resonate in the minds of all human beings.

    In the vision of reality arising through Tibetan Tantric meditation there is an integral unity of form, sound and thought. Tibetan yogins believe that a vibration of awareness is reproduced spontaneously in form and sound, and thus the yogin's transformative power is able to reproduce in the environment what is visualised in the mind. Conversely, an external form perceived through the organs of sight vibrates in a pure mind to create a numinous reality that gives meaning to the form. When the external form is a portrait of a divine being representing the archetypal foundations of the enlightened mind, that being is invoked in its full visionary reality. Likewise when the euphonic corollary of that vision - a mantra or descriptive verse - is recited or sung, again the same visionary reality is invoked. In this way the Nyingma Icons is a compendium of visual and vocal forms, drawings and songs, that can be used to realise the divine beings that they represent. However, in the meditative tradition these beings - Buddhas, Lamas, Deities and Protectors - are encountered in the first place as a result of techniques of visualisation free of external supports, and these drawings and songs provide only a method of reawakening the powers and forms of awareness that they represent after the initial practice has created an intimate relationship with them.

This Collection

    The particular collection of Buddhas of the Nyingma Icons was chosen by His Late Holiness Dunjom Rimpoche to illustrate his encyclopeadic work The History of the Nyingma Dharma. Dunjom Rimpoche (see no. 64) was a great yogin and master of Dzogchen and a scholar deeply steeped in the theoretical learning of his school. The structure of the book follows the metaphysical pattern employed in Dunjom Rimpoche's History. After the first eight drawings, which represent The Principals of Indian Mahayana Buddhism, the Buddhas are divided into three classes called the Three Roots - Lamas, Deities and Dakinis - and ending with a fourth class - Dharma Protectors and Guardians. Brief descriptions of these various classes are to be found at the beginning of each section. The Three Roots are the lineal roots of the Dzogchen teaching that bestow blessings, the spiritual roots of yogins that bestow power, and the feminine roots of the mind that remove obstacles.

About the Artist

    The drawings of the Nyingma Icons were produced by the late Sherpa hermit, the Gomchen Oleshe. Oleshe was born in Jumbesi in Solu, the southern part of the Sherpa homeland, in 1924, when Sherpa culture began to blossom after the introduction of the potato had allowed capital formation and population increase. In his late teens Oleshe crossed the border into Tibet and worked first as an apprentice and then later as a master painter travelling in southern and central Tibet. Finally, he settled down at Dza Rongphuk Gompa, in the lee of Mt Everest's north face. As personal attendant and most favoured student he studied under Dza Rongphuk Sangye Rimpoche, the renowned scholar Ngawong Tenzin Norbu, before abandoning the monastery and taking to a cave on Everest's north slope. After the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959 the Rongphuk Gompa was relocated to the west of Junbesi, Oleshe's birthplace, in Solu, where it became known as Tubten Choling, and Oleshe returned to his homeland at about the same time. In his maturity Oleshe took a vow never again to step over a householder's threshhold and to live in the forest for the rest of his days. He took up residence under a rock overhang on the side of a cliff overlooking Junbesi village. When the villagers became aware of a hermit living close by they began offering him food and daily necessities, according to their tradition. Eventually he attracted Sherpa disciples, who first built him a shelter and then a hut to which was added additional rooms as more students gathered around him. He was called to Thubten Choling by the lama, Trulshik Rimpoche, the principal disciple of his Guru, to paint the Lhakhang. In the mid nineteen-seventies Oleshe became the teacher of a group of young Sherpas and several western students. [Amongst these students was the American H.R.Downs whose drawings of the Mahsiddhas can be viewed on this site.] Au Leshe died in 1983.

    To the south-east of Junbesi is a small monastery called Shedrup Teljuk Chokhorling, or Serlo Gompa. It was built by another remarkable native Sherpa, Lama Sangye Tenzin. This lama received his education in eastern Tibet at the great Khampa monastic academy of Shechen, one of the monasteries associated with the Khampa eclectic Buddhist renaissance of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Returning to Solu he established his small Nyingmapa monastery and became renowned as a scholar and teacher, instructing several Sherpa acolytes and also some western students.

    In the mid nineteen-seventies Jumbesi was a small unspoiled village in a dramatically beautiful valley on the main trek to Everest, an eight day walk from the road to Kathmandu. It became host to a small community of western expatriates drawn there by its hospitable people with their traditional Tibetan life-style and religious culture. An American, Richard Tenzin Mueller, was a patron and friend of both Oleshe and Lama Sangye Tenzin, and it was at his request that Oleshe produced these ninety-four drawings and Sangye Tenzin collected and penned the songs of homage. The original line-drawings belong to Richard Tenzin, but they have been reproduced in many forms to be used as icons on Buddhist altars throughout the world.

Keith Dowman
July 26, 1989

Sarva Mangalam!
May all beings be happy!

Sakya Thubpa, Sakyamuni, Buddha Gautama

Sakya Thubpa, Sakyamuni, Buddha Gautama

Born into the Sakya family of compassionate skillful means,
Invincible, conqueror of the mara host,
Your brilliant Being shining like a mountain of gold,
We prostrate at the feet of the Sakya King.

Namdren Mapham, Maitreya, The Imminent Buddha of Love

2. Namdren Mapham, Maitreya, The Imminent Buddha of Love.

In the Joyous Heaven, the Buddha Sacred White Crest,
Binding a diadem to your head,
Conferred the empowerment of Buddha Regent:
Homage to our invincible savior, Namdren Mapham.

Ludrup, Nagarjuna, the Second Buddha

3. Ludrup, Nagarjuna, the Second Buddha

You continued the tradition of the peerless Sakya Senge
In the liberated lifestyle of a second wonderful teacher,
The great sage with a vision of deep, direct meaning:
Homage to Nagarjunasena.

Thokme, Asanga

4. Thokme, Asanga

Visited in reality by the Lord Regent Maitreya,
An illuminating treasury of Sakyamuni's precious teaching,
You were the great sage of the yogacara school:
Homage to Arya Asanga.

Kunzang Yab-yum, Samantabhadra-Samantabhadri
9. Kunzang Yab-yum, Samantabhadra-Samantabhadri,
The All-Good Union

Primal Lord, Unchanging Light,
Original centre of all mandalas,
You are the ocean of wisdom and pure awareness:
Homage to Kunzang Yab-yum.

Dorje Chang Chenpo, Mahavajradhara, Great Vajra-Bearer
10. Dorje Chang Chenpo, Mahavajradhara, Great Vajra-Bearer

Master of unchanging, all-pervasive, pure awareness,
The immovable substance of pure pleasure,
You are a mine of matchless wish-fulfilling gems:
Homage to Mahavajradhara.

Dorje Sempa, Vajrasattva, Diamond-Being
11. Dorje Sempa, Vajrasattva, Diamond-Being

Divine illusion of clear light and pure awareness,
A glorious blaze of perfect form and symmetry,
You are the trikaya naturally present in perfect Buddhahood:
Homage to Dorje Sempa.

Garab Dorje, Prahevajra, Vajra Ecstasy
14. Garab Dorje, Prahevajra, Vajra Ecstasy

Transcendent perfection of insight and method,
Ocean of totally liberating pure awareness,
You are the supreme friend of beings:
Homage to Garab Dorje.

Jampel Shenyen, Manjusrimitra
15. Jampel Shenyen, Manjusrimitra

Attaining the unsurpassable achievement,
A fountain of wishfulfilling teaching,
You showered mankind with your dharma:
Homage to Manjusrimitra. 

Gyelpo Dza, King Dza of Oddiyana
16. Gyelpo Dza, King Dza of Oddiyana.

The scriptures of the great mystery fell from the sky
According to Sakyamuni's prophecy, and with Vajrasattva's visitation
You received the empowerment of pure awareness:
Homage to King Dza.

Kukuraja, King of the Dog
17. Kukuraja, King of the Dogs.

You received the empowerment of the Web of Illusion
And directly accomplishing the ganacakra mandala
You rose to the land of Vajradhara:
Homage to Kukuraja.

Sri Singha, Glorious Lion
18. Sri Singha, Glorious Lion

In the sky of potent love and understanding,
As the clear light of the sun of pure awareness
You banished the darkness of the ten directions:
Homage to Sri Singha.

20. Vimalamitra

With the unsurpassable empty light of love and understanding
You opened the page of lotus scriptures
And shattered the ignorance of beings:
Homage to Vimalamitra.

Padma Sambhava, The Lotus-Born Guru
23. Padma Sambhava, The Lotus-Born Guru.

From the pollen bed of a self-sprung lotus
The Lotus-born Buddha arose like the rising sun,
Emanating a shining cloud of dakinis:
Homage to Padma Sambhava.

Pema Jungne, Padmakara, Guru Rimpoche
24. Pema Jungne, Padmakara, Guru Rimpoche

Miracle Buddha, Lotus-Born,
Whose Vajra-Body is free of birth and death,
You performed the deeds of the Buddhas of the three times:
Homage to Pema Jungne.

Shiwaitso, Santaraksita, Abbot of Samye
25. Shiwaitso, Santaraksita, Abbot of Samye

At the lotus feet of the hero Manjusri
You composed yourself as his supreme disciple
And assimilated the depth and breadth of the dharma:
Homage to the great abbot Santaraksita.

Bairotsana, Vairocana
26. Bairotsana, Vairocana.

At Yamalung and Changra in Liyul,
You propitiated the deities of Fierce Mantra and Cursing
To gain the eye of pure awareness and fiery magical power:
Homage to Bairotsana.

Sangye Yeshe, Buddha-Awareness
27. Sangye Yeshe, Buddha-Awareness

Master of every Yamantaka tantra,
Perfectly skilled in the art of magical power,
Your sign of attainment was to pierce rock with your phurba:
Homage to Sangye Yeshe. 

Gyelwa Chokyang, Buddha-Supreme-Voice
28. Gyelwa Chokyang, Buddha-Supreme-Voice

In the power-place of Chimphu's glorious hermitage
You propitiated the deities of Lotus Speech
And proclaimed control of the three worlds with a neigh from your fontanelle:
Homage to Gyelwa Chokyang.

Namkhai Nyingpo, Womb-of-Space
29. Namkhai Nyingpo, Womb-of-Space

At Kharchu in Lhodrak in the Glorious Cavern
You accomplished the Immaculate Mind directly,
And with consummate skill of the Mind you rode the sun's rays:
Homage to Namkhai Nyingpo.

Yeshe Tsogyel, The Lady Ocean-of-Awareness
31. Yeshe Tsogyel, The Lady Ocean-of-Awareness

Mother of the Victorious Buddhas, Vajra Yogini,
Mother of all appearances, the Perfection of Wisdom,
Happy, seductive and laughing, you are Padma's consort:
Homage to the Lady Yeshe Tsogyelma.

Dharmabhadra, Rongzom Mahapandita
37. Dharmabhadra, Rongzom Mahapandita.

With your wisdom, penetrating all knowable dharmas,
With your love, treating all beings as your sons,
With your power, giving benefit to the dharma and beings:
Homage to Dharmabhadra.

Dampa Deshek, the Sugata of Katok
40. Dampa Deshek, the Sugata of Katok

You heard the secret sadhana of Tamdrin from the Guru himself;
In a previous life you were Wonton Kyer Gangpa the embodiment of Great Compassion;
You were Katokpa, master of the doctrines of the old translations:
Homage to Dampa Deshek.

Rangjung Dorje, the Third Karmapa, Swayambhu Vajra
41. Rangjung Dorje, the Third Karmapa, Swayambhu Vajra

Lord of the Universe, purposefully tied to human existence,
Blessed by Padma and Vimala treasures surged out of your mind,
And you spread the Nyingthik doctrines to the bounds of the ocean:
Homage to Rangjung Dorje Karmapa.

Longchen Rabjampa, Kunkhyen Drime Wozer
42. Longchen Rabjampa, Kunkhyen Drime Wozer

With perfect insight into the mandala of knowledge,
You held the treasury of the precious sacred teaching,
And propagated your profound Mind-treasures:
Homage to Longchen Rabjampa.

Nyang-rel Nyima Wozer, the First Royal Terton
46. Nyang-rel Nyima Wozer, the First Royal Terton

The body emanation of the Dharmaraja, born at Tamshul in Lhodrak,
At Srinbar Khothing you revealed the Drubchen Derdu treasure,
This treasurer of deep teaching, supreme forefather:
Homage to Nyima Wozer of Nyang-rel.

Guru Chokyi Wongchuk, the Second Royal Terton
47. Guru Chokyi Wongchuk, the Second Royal Terton

The speech emanation of the Dharmaraja, born in Layak of Pangton's lineage,
At Namke Drak you revealed eighteen treasures like the Hundred-fold Three Cycles,
This master of compassion converting beings:
Homage to Guru Chokyi Wongchuk.

Rikdzin Ngodrub Gyeltsen, Godemchan
48. Rikdzin Ngodrub Gyeltsen, Godemchan

Dudjom the Devil Slayer reborn at Namo in Upper Tsang,
With your five great caches of secret treasure from Zangzang Lhadrak
You of the Vulture Feathers gave protection to Tibet:
Homage to Rikdzin Ngodrub Gyeltsen.

Garwong Sangye Lingpa
49. Garwong Sangye Lingpa

The divine king Damdzin reincarnate at Gying in Longpo,
In the great cave at Puri you revealed the Lama Gongdu,
Chief of twenty-eight treasures, your activity touching the whole of Tibet:
Homage to Garwong Sangye Lingpa.

Chogyel Ratna Lingpa, Compiler of the Gyud-Bum
50. Chogyel Ratna Lingpa, Compiler of the Gyud-Bum

Langdro Lotsawa returned to Trushul in Lhodrak,
You revealed the profound treasury of the four Kharchu Communions
Amongst your twenty-five treasures, your activity touching us all:
Homage to Chogyel Ratna Lingpa.

Dudul Lingpa, the Devil-Tamer
52. Dudul Lingpa, the Devil-Tamer

Khyeuchung Lotsawa's tulku emanated to Derge in Dokham,
At Tsawa Drodrak you revealed the Tulku Nyingthik,
This master of a hundred treasures, Tenth Stage Lord:
Homage to Dudul Lingpa.

Ngari Panchen Chenpo, The Great Scholar Pema Wongyel
53. Ngari Panchen Chenpo, The Great Scholar Pema Wongyel

The mind emanation of the Dharmaraja, born at Mathang in Lowo,
You withdrew the Kadu Chima from the Utse Temple at Samye,
Living a peerless life of learning and realisation:
Homage to Ngari Panchen.

Chime Thangtong Gyelpo
54. Chime Thangtong Gyelpo

Avalokita in reality, master of spontanous accomplishment,
You received many ancient treasures and concealed many for the future,
Subduing the intractable universe with your transformative power:
Homage to deathless Thangtong Gyelpo.

Gyurme Dorje, Minling Terchen Terdak Lingpa
58. Gyurme Dorje, Minling Terchen Terdak Lingpa

Turning the wheel of knowledge and realisation,
You regenerated the teaching of Kama and Terma
Through your inconceivable amazing grace:
Homage to Gyurme Dorje.

Jikme Lingpa, the Nyingthik Master
60. Jikme Lingpa, the Nyingthik Master

Visited in reality by Padma Sambhava and Longchenpa
You perfected the sublime creativity of atiyoga,
So that your Mind-treasure doctrines spread to the horizon:
Homage to Jikme Lingpa.

Jamyang Khyentse Wongpo, the Fifth Royal Terton
61. Jamyang Khyentse Wongpo, the Fifth Royal Terton

Especially for this degenerate age,
You revitalised the dharma with your eclectic teaching,
Opening the secret treasury of your Seven Injunctions:
Homage to Khyentse Wongpo.

Lodro Thaye Kongtrul Rimpoche
62. Lodro Thaye Kongtrul Rimpoche

As master of the unprecedented Five Treasuries
According to Sakyamuni's prediction,
You, lord of the tenth stage, realized the ultimate truth:
Homage to Lodro Thaye.

Jamgon Mipham, Lama Mipham Chokle Namgyel
63. Jamgon Mipham, Lama Mipham Chokle Namgyel

Repository of the four aspects of perfect intelligence,
Lord of the kingdom of dharma,
You were the greatest pandita of your generation:
Homage to Jamgon Mipham.

Jikdrel Yeshe Dorje, Dudjom Rimpoche
64. Jikdrel Yeshe Dorje, Dudjom Rimpoche

In a past life Rikdzin Nuden Dorje Tsel,
In a future life the Buddha Infinite Aspiration,
In this life Padma Sambhava's regent, Drokben:
Homage to Jikdrel Yeshe Dorje.

Dorje Drollo, Vajra Fat-Belly
66. Dorje Drollo, Vajra Fat-Belly

Pure pleasure in an overpowering, destructive blaze, in wrathful state,
You are purple-black in colour, wielding dorje and phurba,
Your two feet dancing on the back of a tigress:
Homage to Dorje Drollo.

Khyabdak Padma Vajra, the All-Encompassing Lord
67. Khyabdak Padma Vajra, the All-Encompassing Lord

The Body, Speech and Mind of all the Sugatas of the three times
In one indivisible Body,
In your manifest form you are Master of the Wrathful Deities holding a vajra:
Homage to Khyabdak Padma Vajra.

Kumchok Jampel Tropa, Yamantaka, Slayer of Yamaraj
68. Kumchok Jampel Tropa, Yamantaka, Slayer of Yamaraj

With your single vajra-mouth of inseparable bliss and emptiness,
In an instant you devour the stream of becoming, samsara and nirvana,
And all the flux of space and time, you the Executioner of Yama:
Homage to Kumchok Jampel Tropa.

Tamdrin, Hayagriva, Horse-Throat
69. Tamdrin, Hayagriva, Horse-Throat

Emanation of Amitabha, dharmakaya of all the Buddhas of the Lotus family,
And emanation of Vajra Dharma and Chenrezi,
You are the body of great ferocity manifest from the syllable HRI:
Homage to Tamdrin with the horse's neigh.

70. Yangdak Thuk, Immaculate Mind, Vajra Heruka

Out of the indivisible pure awareness of the Buddhas
You arise in perfection as the Sublime Wrathful Vajra,
The Heruka, the fountain of supreme realisation:
Homage to the Deity Yangdak Thuk.

Chemchok Heruka, the Supreme Heruka
71. Chemchok Heruka, the Supreme Heruka

As the centre of the swirling red-black final conflagration,
With hundreds of expressions of formidable ferocity, your body in wrathful dance,
You, the Glorious Heruka, revel in the blood of the four devils:
Homage to Chemchok Heruka.

orje Zhonnu, Vajrakumara, Vajrakilaya
72. Dorje Zhonnu, Vajrakumara, Vajrakilaya

Kilaya, crown-prince of the communion of wrathful Buddhas,
You wield your vajra-weapon with the power to slay without hindrance,
You, the liberator, transcending violence, deity of perfect action:
Homage to the Body of Dorje Zhonnu.

Thuthob Dakmo, Mistress of Magical Power
73. Thuthob Dakmo, Mistress of Magical Power

From the unborn purity of the dharmadhatu palace
Black Dorje Troma arises to work for all beings,
Bestower of all power and realisation:
Homage to Thuthob Dakmo. 

Wongdze Dakini, Kurukulla, the Magnetising-Dakini
74. Wongdze Dakini, Kurukulla, the Magnetising-Dakini

Out of the grace of all the Buddhas' pure awareness and compassion,
You arise as the Fascinating Goddess in bliss and emptiness,
Controlling with your charm all coming and going in the three realms:
Homage to Wongdze Dakini.

Senge Dongma, the Lion-Headed Dakini
75. Senge Dongma, the Lion-Headed Dakini

Out of the immensity of the dharmadhatu, the mother of all the Buddhas
You arise as chief of all the innumerable Dakinis,
With your magical power and shakti pulverising obstructing spirits:
Homage to the Dakini Senge Dongma.

Songtsen Gampo, the First Tibetan Emperor
77. Songtsen Gampo, the First Tibetan Emperor

Avalokitesvara in the guise of a man,
You introduced the sacred dharma to Tibet
For translation and explanation of the meaning:
Homage to Songtsen Gampo. 

Ngadak Trirel, the Great Buddhist King Relpachan
79. Ngadak Trirel, the Great Buddhist King Relpachan

In the pinnacle chamber of the three-storey Glorious Samye,
You realised the Mind of Chemchok Heruka's Quality,
And in immovable samadhi planted the dharma in Tibet:
Homage to Ngadak Trirel.

Nakpo Chenpo, Mahakala, the Great Black One
81. Nakpo Chenpo, Mahakala, the Great Black One

Arising out of the black-red fire mandala
With one face and four arms, you sit cross-legged
Upon lotus, sun, moon and corpses:
Homage to Nakpo Chenpo.

Ngakdak Relchikma, Ekajati
83. Ngakdak Relchikma, Ekajati

From the mandala of the suffocating black wind at the world's end,
You arise as mistress of accumulated good deeds and pure awareness,
Empress of the Mamo, Queen of Samsaric Existence:
Homage to the Mistress of the Tantra, Relchikma.

Pelden Lhamo Remati, Sri Devi, the Glorious Goddess
84. Pelden Lhamo Remati, Sri Devi, the Glorious Goddess

In the presence of Padmakara, Master of the Mysteries,
You swore to maintain the samaya, arising in the form of a raksasi,
And became the great witch guarding the Buddha's Doctrine:
Homage to the Glorious Goddess Remati.

Lha Chenpo, Mahadeva and Uma Devi
85. Lha Chenpo, Mahadeva and Uma Devi

Body of the discriminating awareness of all the Buddhas,
You spring from the emanation body of Chenresi's power and compassion
As mighty lord of samsaric existence:
Homage to Mahadeva and Uma his consort.

Khyabjuk Chenpo, Rahula, Zachenpo, the Great Planet
87. Khyabjuk Chenpo, Rahula, Zachenpo, the Great Planet

Arising out of the pure-land of fire and celestial wrath,
You are the lord created by ferocious activity,
Grey in colour, with nine heads, four arms and a thousand eyes, blazing in fire:
Homage to Khyabjuk Chenpo, guardian of the doctrine.

Namtose, Vaisravana, Guardian of Wealth
88. Namtose, Vaisravana, Guardian of Wealth

Wearing vajra-armour, adorned with a necklace of gems,
With silk scarves waving elegantly on the banner of victory,
You reign resplendently amidst the Wealth-Giver's hosts:
Homage to Namtose, chief of the doctrine guardians.

Dorje Lekpa, Vajra Sadhu, Chief of the Genyens
89. Dorje Lekpa, Vajra Sadhu, Chief of the Genyens

In the blazing iron fort of Shang in Uyuk,
You were the offspring of Mu and Dud,
Great magician with transformative powers, the servant of Vajrapani:
Homage to Dorje Lekpa, Harbinger of Liberation.

Tashi Tsei Wongmo, Queen of Auspicious Life
91. Tashi Tsei Wongmo, Queen of Auspicious Life

Great Mother, All-pervading Space of Bliss,
Emanated in impure lands as Menmo,
You are the protecting witch of the Rikdzin's' teaching:
Homage to Tashi Tsei Wongmo.

Pehar, Custodian of Treasuries
92. Pehar, Custodian of Treasuries

Long ago, coerced by the master Padma Sambhava,
As the guardian of the glorious profound space of Drakmar
You were bound in samaya as custodian of every monastery:
Homage to Pehar.

 The Dorje, the Vajra
94. The Dorje, the Vajra.

The mystery of the mind, the omniscience, the pure awareness of all the Buddhas,
Indicated by a symbol of eternal strength and constancy,
The vajra heart of knowledge and emptiness is like the sky -
How wonderful to see the intrinsic face of reality!