golden dorje

The Extraordinary Teaching
Glorious Sovereign Wisdom

- A Commentary by Patrul Rinpoche -

golden dorje

The Extraordinary Teaching
Glorious Sovereign Wisdom

The Khepa Sri Gyelpo of Patrul Rinpoche

The Khepa Sri Gyelpo by Patrul Rimpoche is for some the single most important Dzogchen text in the Dzogchen Nyingthik tradition. Within the frame of view, meditation and action, Patrul Rimpoche includes Garab Dorje’s three incisive precepts, or imperatives, in his exposition of the vision, or view, of Dzogchen atiyoga. He gives very precise instructions in the practice of view and meditation. The meditation technique employed is explosive utterance of the sacred syllable PHAT!


Homage to the Guru!

Vision is Longchen Rabjam, the All-pervasive Vast Expanse;
Meditation is Khyentse Wozer, the Radiance of Wisdom and Love;
Action is Gyelwai Nyugu, the Bodhisattva.
Practicing such vision, meditation and action,
Without stress or strain you will attain Buddhahood in this lifetime;
And failing that - what peace of mind!

Yes, Vision is Longchen Rabjam, All-Pervasive Vast Expanse,
and the three precepts strike that essential reality.
First, keep the mind relaxed,
and neither diffused nor concentrated, remain without thought;
in this state of equilibrium and relaxation
abruptly utter a mind-shattering PHAT!
forcefully, loud and short - and there it is!
nothing at all but wonderment and illumination.
In illuminated wonderment is all-pervading freedom of mind,
and in that inexpressible all-penetrating freedom of mind
recognise the dharmakaya’s total presence.
A direct introduction into the nature of mind is the first imperative.

Then, whether there is quiescence or flow,
rage or lust, happiness or sadness,
at all times and in every situation,
sustain that recognition of the dharmakaya’s total presence.

The 'son' clear light uniting with the familiar 'mother' light
remain absorbed in ineffable total presence.
Again and again disrupt quiescence, elation, clarity and flow,
by abruptly uttering the syllable of means and insight,
and meditative absorption and subsequent insight are identical
and the sessions and intervals of meditation are indistinguishable:
always remain in this state of non-differentiation.

While stability in this is developing , however,
renounce entertainment and treasure meditation;
practice formal meditation in set periods
and at all times and in every situation
watch the free play of the dharmakaya alone
convinced that there is nothing other than that.
Absolute conviction is the second imperative.

In the event of lust or anger, pleasure or pain,
or any fortuitous thought,
with direct recognition of it no residue remains;
by intuiting this liberating aspect of the dharmakaya,
analogous to a figure drawn in water,
there is uninterrupted spontaneous arising and reflexive release.
Whatever arises is the food of naked presence and emptiness;
whatever moves is the creativity of the sovereign dharmakaya,
spontaneously dissolving, leaving no trace – awesome!

The way things arise is the same as before;
the crucial difference is in their release.
Without this vital function of release, meditation is a delusory path;
imbued with it, we abide in dharmakaya non-meditation.
Implicit confidence in release is the third imperative.

In this vision that possesses these three imperatives,
meditation; the interfusion of wisdom and love;
and the Bodhisattva’s customary activity,
simply act as support.
Though the Buddhas of past present and future confer,
there are no precepts superior to these.

The Dharmakaya Treasure-finder, the creativity of total presence,
took this treasure from the matrix of perfect insight.

This treasure is not an extraction of ore from rock;
it is the final testament of Garab Dorje;
it is the spiritual elixir of the three transmissions
entrusted with the seal of secrecy to my heart sons.

This message from the heart is the profound truth;
this vital truth is my heart message.
Do not abandon this vital truth;
do not let these precepts escape you.

The Extraordinary Teaching of the Khepa Srigyelpo,
Glorious Sovereign Wisdom, is complete.

The first version of this translation of the Three Incisive Precepts was done in 1981 and published in the Diamond Sow series in Kathmandu.  Various revisions since then have incorporated minor changes. My rendering of rig pa herein, for example, is "total presence".Keith Dowman, translator

Finished on the 10th day of the eighth month of the iron-dragon year, October 8th, 2000, in Kathmandu, Nepal. May all beings be happy!

Sarva Mangalam!
May all beings be happy!