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Power Places in India, Nepal and Tibet

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What's a Power Place?

The Kailash Pilgrimage A record of the ultimate Himalayan pilgrimage.

The Twenty-four  Tantric Power Places  The pithasthanas of the sub-continent

The Power Places of Central Tibet: The Pilgrim's Guide A hands-on guide to pilgrimage in Central Tibet

The Sacred Life of Tibet This is the armchair pilgrim's guide to pilgrimage and power places describing exactly what the pilgrim out there on the roof of the world is looking at in the mountains and in the Tibetan pilgrims

Power Places of Kathmandu A fully illustrated introduction to pilgrimage in the Kathmandu Valley

Boudhanath: The Great Stupa A Guide to Kathmandu's most sacred Buddhistsite.

The Legend of the Great Stupa The construction, history and manner of worship of the Boudhanath Stupa.

A Buddhist Guide to the Power Places of the Kathmandu Valley The principal power places visited by Tibetans in the Kathmandu Valley derived from Tibetan and also Newar sources.

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